`Writing mania` or Why Y-gen love to be writers?

Soon it is becoming more advice for beginners writers than funny cats in the Internet.

I`m not kidding!

Advises, inspirations pics, youtubes lectures, special sites for future writers, tons blogposts and milliards “how to become a writer” or “how to write a book” in Google.

All my friends create blogs to post their own life stories. Some of my friends believe that the journalism is more creative and their own thoughts more important than facts. … Well, they prefer to leave an journalistic.

So, why we are fascinated by writing and publish our life in the Inet? Why we such addict?

I have no idea. I`m from their camp 🙂 But I can suppose that we are dreamed about the fame.

Yes, it is easy. No loneliness, no lack of attention in childhood. The psychologists suck.

We just want to be like MTV superstars – Selena Gomez, Justin Biber, you know.

Of course if you asked any Y, he said that I`m mad. But I`m not, I`m Millennial too. I know why we are obsessed with social media and writing – we want to be hearing, we want to be famous and we want to have an our own voice (that`s mean that we need an army of fans!).

Yes, on the one hand we are lonely in empty Internet space and we try to be a personality. But on the other, we see how to be cool MTV star. Thanks to pop slogan `You`re special` now we want to be special in the Internet. The Net creates an illusion of equality of opportunity for everyone. But this is fake.

But this is the only place where we can be …. . Can be popular. Likes, shares, followers – all of this (even if our followers strange persons and online shops) our own fame. Our personal MTV.

We believe that our life is unique, our thoughts are interesting and our stories is evaluate to be writing. Of course, why not? Why we are worse than Selena Gomez?!? We just a guys who watch TV and try to imitate foreign lives. Despite to the life in reality.

No way.

But it is difficult to accept.


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